One large female interface allows it to be used as normal USB thumb drive on PCs and laptops. The male micro USB interface allows you to insert the drive to Moto G directly. One end of the USB OTG adapter connects to USB storage, which can be a normal thumb drive or even a portable hard disk. Check the phone help guide or check with the official helpline to get to know of the file format supported.

  • However the other apps have their own unique pros and cons as well so go ahead use these apps and share your Reviews and Feedback in the Comments Section.
  • Defragmentation, virus attacks or hacker activity will cause the file to be corrupted.
  • I would like to use my own file explorer like ES File Explorer.
  • Then it seems the USB drive requires higher current than your phone can offer through USB port.
  • So make a backup of your important files before using it.

If you want to extract the APK of a particular app, check the app and select “Backup” from the toolbar. Green means you have backed up the version you have installed. Red means the version you have backed up is older than the one you installed. APK files are a type of archive file in zip format packages based on the JAR file format. So if you have backed up a particular app as APK, you can extract their various resources such as download OTG Disk Explorer Lite images, sound files, and other assets.

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As this app has been designed for Nexus Devices so its highly cool and innovative for other Android Smartphone users. The app has a really unique and innovative user interface. The App identifies whenever you connect a Pendrive to your Smartphone and starts up itself. The Free version is full of adds and can get annoying at times.

When you’re done, you can tap the StickMount option in your notification tray to unmount the drive and then disconnect it. This notification also informs you when StickMount has successfully mounted a drive. In this case, I’ve used this drive to watch a video on my tablet, which doesn’t have a lot of free space right now. You’ll see a notification indicating that StickMount successfully mounted the device under /sdcard/usbStorage. You’ll need to grant root access to StickMount.

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You can install custom ROMs, and even use an Android phone to boot Linux on PC. That said, Android has numerous productivity enhancing features, but USB OTG is surely one of the most useful of them all. Hold ‘Command’ and press ‘V’ to paste the files from your clipboard to the new location.