I came across V’s sex very hard to identify

The guy nearly food extremely member differently and it is tough to give be it just platonic otherwise whether there is an attraction indeed there. not, At long last chosen my estimation. I do believe V are bicurious. I don’t faith he’s totally upright of the about-the-scenes video footage which ultimately shows V is largely some discover that will be over amicable with other participants; however, I can’t thought he or she is fully gay. I am scared that it breakdown is quite small but We virtually was destroyed for words, he’s a strange son.

Okay and so i keeps another one or two alternatives such I did that have V and you may Suga. The first becoming Jungkook is completely straight, hands-down a ladies son. Option several is bicurious. My personal widespread faith would be the fact Jungkook is upright. This can be for a lot of reasons, no. 1 are their straight manliness cutting-edge. This isn’t once the he or she is homophobic, but it’s since the he is feel an adult man, he’s became of sexy Kookie so you’re able to a person Jeon Jungkook that wants to lookup just like the male and you will sexy that you could. I believe it is a hormonal procedure, I don’t know. Anyway, why don’t we flow to my next principle. Jungkook Personally i think may a small suffocated making use of babying and fanservice the guy obtains out-of particular users *coughing coughing* Jimin! However, the guy still seems an appeal to a single, if not a couple of members. To close out; upright but attracted to intimate men(s).

You may not enjoys noticed however, doing something which happen to be usually most gay tends to make Jungkook feel their maleness will be torn in order to shreds

Jimin ‘s the simply associate I could undeniably say was homosexual, no question about this. Discover sooo many and varied reasons why In my opinion so it, thus I will only condition a number of them. Okay why don’t we take a situation, whenever Jimin found Tony during the…I am neglecting title, Hustle Lives? Jimin instantly warmed so you’re able to his co-celebrity (while we the remember that which like is one-sided). He shyly linked fingers with Tony and you may truly felt wet whenever he was complimented from the their precious Tony. It was obvious one to Jimin is actually experiencing a destination to help you Tony. Okay today we grab other representative with the scene. J-vow. I think Jimin keeps realised J-vow was homosexual which explains why it individually have a look drawn, since it is something that they express. But not, it is visible you to definitely Jimin aims to own men attention and you can is often refused as the he or she is thus straight-send, boyant and loves to showcase their stomach incase he can so you can improve admirers scream. I think, Jimin is the flirtiest and more than touchy-feels on almost every other members. He could be and clearly not bashful with respect to fanservice. Such as for example J-pledge, Jimin is likely to disregard the women idols until they are creating. There are many more factors however, I think you have made the fresh section. Disappointed females however in conclusion; entirely gay.

To close out; bicurious or bisexual and you may tilting with the females

Tell me what you think! Disappointed easily are rambling but I experienced too much to state from inside the a short room. Would you consent otherwise disagree with any?

I should disregard the regular homosexual child label, however, I am not deploying it adversely right here very I’ll rating in the future using this type of. Basically, J-hope is homosexual. At the least I believe. His excessively (yet not from inside the a bad method) keen characteristics and you may typically womanly dancing enjoys provided us to faith so it. You fangirls and you will fanboy was basically managed so you can a beneficial forfeit kiss ranging from J-hope and you may V a while ago and this gave me certain tip about how homosexual J-guarantee was. He expressed no sense of hate and don’t seem at all annoyed, In my opinion the guy also enjoyed they. I believe if the he had hookup dating apps Kalgoorlie been upright he’d had an excellent pleasure you to definitely made your go overboard his dread you saying things such as “usually do not hurry me!” Or “I do not must do which!” As an alternative he just got on inside it. J-hope may getting very close truly with other professionals and you will I think he could be delighted on the truth fanservice can be found. J-promise including will either disregard girls idols when they are as much as otherwise join in their enjoyable. To summarize; gay.