The Harmony Companion is built for the 21st century. The included Harmony Hub acts as the brain of the system, sending commands via infrared or Bluetooth depending on the devices you want to control. A solid universal remote consolidates all your home theater hardware controls into one easy-to-grab device, so you can finally shelve the five dog-chewed remotes sitting on your ottoman. Better yet, if you’re a double screener , there are even universal remote apps you can download to your mobile. I need the code for a universal remote control for a TEMPSTAR air conditioner.

That is why it is the best choice on our list of the best universal remotes. Check out our guide to the best smart home devices and find more products that will upgrade your home. Controlling your home entertainment devices can never be faster with Harmony Express. Different devices from different manufacturers are easily supported and synchronized and are seamlessly integrated into this remote.

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This is the official Remote control that is only compatible with the Kodi. Keep in mind that you cannot perform any other task on FireTV. As we know, Kodi is complicated to use when it comes to using an Amazon Fire TV Remote.

The system allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet, be that Android or iOS, to download a proprietary Logitech app and turn their device into a fully-fledged universal remote. Be sure Download AnyMote Universal Remote APK for Android to also check out our list of the best streaming sticks for more great items like this. Like RCA, One for All has several universal remotes in its lineup , including the Simple 4; these have similarly limited programmability and support only three or four devices. The Caavo Control Center + Universal Remote combines a handheld remote and an HDMI switch/control box . The remote is a sleek, stripped-down design with important buttons like home, microphone, volume, back, menu, and more . Setup is easy, and the system reliably controlled our gear without any major problems.

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And there are a few in the $30 range, but at that point, it’s better to buy the low-end Logitech Harmony. PS4 users might notice an issue with IR remotes, in that the PS4 doesn’t have any IR sensors. The PS4 needs to be controlled by either Bluetooth or through HDMI CEC . This severely limits the universal remote options for PS4 users. However, there are some solutions that I’ll mention in my picks.

  • United TV takes a distinctive route that’s much different from the other applications listed in this article.
  • UWP apps can display current info on live tiles in the Start menu—handy for things like weather, sports, and messaging.
  • The Elite is a pleasure to use, and it has the responsiveness and polish of a professionally installed control system, but it also costs a lot more than the Companion.
  • For example, many TV remote apps can interface with Wi-Fi-connected smart TVs from various manufacturers.
  • Do you have a preferred remote app or one that we missed?
  • It’s not necessary to purchase a device-specific remote as a replacement remote for one that’s been lost.

According to Samsung, there are three main locations for the TV controller; on the back of the TV, in the middle under the front panel, or on the side under the front panel. Vast amounts of scientific knowledge is embodied in this app, which is a must for students of not only mathematics, but also geology, astronomy, and biology. Compare areas, masses, and other dimensions using its massive store of data. There’s even information on music, words, health, nutrition, and transportation. You’d be amazed at some of the statistics available in the app, including movie ticket receipts for box-office hits and the probability of hitting it rich with your Mega Millions ticket. Polarr is an impressive, Lightroom-style photography app.