if you like cube attack games like cube racing, cube run, cube jump, and cube surfer so download this game without wasting a minute. This game is all about relaxing your mind and get rid of tension as a runner master use unlimited props and plenty of hurdles and multiple environments to play for free. Every new cube attack runner 3d game is quite different from the next one. Cube stacker and surfer is one of the favorite games of yours. Get ready to play “Cube Attack 3d Surfer Game” in which you play with cube stack crazy cubes and colorful cube stacks.

  • Hypercubes will allow you to gain more points to get to the next level.
  • Test your reaction time, tapping speed or memory with one of these games.
  • Match 4 or more gems to create a Special Gem.
  • If you get tired of all those game modes, you can also make top hands with Poker.
  • Exchange the two – this make all of the one you have most of stars.

In each level there are some blocks positioned at some proper places. You should move the blocks in a way that no block remains in the end. If you move block in a wrong way, there may remain one or more blocks which can’t be made into matches. You can restart the puzzle or undo your moves simply, and also you can get hints for each level.


Unless you’re okay with paying for coins in real money, I suggest stock piling coins whenever you can. The speed bonus will go by how fast you are at swiping gems. As you swipe gems you’ll see it go up until it maxes out at +1000. This means that for every move you make, 1,000 points is getting added to your score. If you maintain that and keep swiping gems quickly, eventually the +1000 will go from yellow text to red and you’ll hear a sizzling noise.

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This will be used to track your personal profile and scores. This will turn to Bejeweled Classic update apk a «Click here to play» button for you to enter the main screen. In the original Classic mode the player completes levels by reaching a score withing the provided time. Zen is similar, but does not have a time limit.

As usual, you have to tap and drag your finger from the first stone to the last to draw a line upon them and clear the sector. It’s possible to explode jewels only if the line includes 3 or more stones of one color. On the other hand, you can be inventive and earn more points with complicated strategies. I had bought the Poker and No Ads without problem.