Saint Lucia: home elevators the Castries gang, including framework, aspects of operation and tasks; info on gang-related tasks in Saint Lucia, especially in Castries; and federal federal federal government a reaction to such tasks

Informative data on a gang in Saint Lucia called the Castries gang could never be found on the list of sources consulted by the Research Directorate inside the time constraints of the reaction. For information about the clear presence of gangs in Castries and government a reaction to crime, begin to see the a reaction to Suggestions Request LCA10498. The information that is following additionally be of great interest.

1. Gang-related Crime in Saint Lucia

The government of Saint Lucia states that «in recent years, Saint Lucia has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a myriad of gang related activity» (Saint Lucia para in a report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council as part of the country’s Universal Periodic Review. 63).

Relating to a study of general general public perceptions on safety in six Eastern Caribbean countries, including in Saint Lucia, carried out because of the Latin America Public advice Project (LAPOP) 1, 87 % of participants within the surveyed nations stated that «gangs had little if any impact inside their neighbourhood» adding that, «overall, perceptions of gang task across all surveyed nations are low» (LAPOP, 32).

Based on the United States Department of State’s Overseas Narcotics Control Strategy Report, «many regarding the homicides that… take place in seven Eastern Carribean countries, including in Saint Lucia are really a outcome of turf wars between arranged teams fighting for control over medication circulation» (US, 151). An editorial on gang tradition in Saint Lucia because of The Voice, a Saint Lucian newsprint, records that «much of this gun physical violence which took place previous months appears to centre on ongoing feuds among rival gangs and/ or communities whom seem intent on protecting their turfs at any feasible expenses» (The Voice ). A write-up by the news internet site St. Lucia News on line likewise states that, in accordance with a Saint Lucia Royal Police Force (STRPF) official, «the police force has recognized that the firearm is apparently the gun of preference found in gang rivalry and a true quantity of homicides» (St. Lucia News On Line).

Based on the United States Department of State’s Barbados and Grenada Crime and protection Report, which gives all about the Eastern Caribbean, there have been 28 murders committed in Saint Lucia. The source that is same states that there have been 30 murders and 32 shootings reported in Saint Lucia, including that the murder price in Saint Lucia had been 16 per 100,000 inhabitants. Statistics Canada states that the murder price in most of Canada had been 1.68 per 100,000 (Canada).

Article by St. Lucia days, a news site, states that, according into the nation’s nationwide safety Minister, Saint lovoo review Lucia «is dealing with an unprecedented criminal activity revolution,» with 29 homicides currently recorded (St. Lucia Days.

2. Violent Criminal Activity in Castries

Article within the Voice, states that, according to authorities data, away from 10 murders reported in the united kingdom when you look at the half that is first 7 happened in Castries (The Voice). Home elevators the true amount of homicides committed in Castries could never be discovered among the list of sources consulted by the investigation Directorate in the time constraints with this reaction.

Article within the newspaper that is weekly. Lucia celebrity states that Grass Street in Castries is «one of the very most distressed areas into the town,» incorporating that, «an informal stroll through the region reveals that such as the Grave Yard to another end of Chaussee Road, it really is a house for predominantly male youth whom find an identification in ‘badness'» (St. Lucia Celebrity). The Voice similarly states that Wilton’s Yard, also called the Graveyard, near Chaussee path, is impacted by physical physical physical violence (The Voice). a federal federal federal federal government of Canada travel advisory states that travellers to Saint Lucia should «avoid the districts of Marchand, Broglie, St. Grass, St. Leslie Land, and Wilton’s Yard, located away from Chaussee path which may have high prices of criminal activity» (Canada).