Morgan and Gabriel tie up the Wolf, and Gabriel asks Morgan the place he learned to make use of his employees. Morgan replies he was taught by a Eastman, a cheese maker.

He stops walking and examines the Terminus signal changed by Rick weeks earlier than, earlier than taking off his mask and beginning to observe cross-shaped markings left on timber by the folks of Terminus. Morgan tells Rick not to look out the window because they may see the sunshine. He then begins to clarify the story of the outbreak and the following days to a confused and disoriented Rick. «I by no means should have fired that gun right now. The sound attracts ‘em. Now they’re all over the street.» Rick accuses Morgan of capturing a man in cold blood. He provides that they get extra energetic after darkish generally.

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Four more Wolves surround him, and Morgan is able to struggle them off whereas telling them that in the event that they maintain choosing this life, they may die. He tells them to depart and never come back, and he watches because the Blond Wolf picks up a gun before he goes.

After Rick saves Ron from walkers, he later buries Pete’s corpse with Rick’s assist. Morgan is seen mountaineering to Terminus on the railroad tracks.

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Morgan watches Eastman run outside to kill a walker together with his staff after which drag its body into the woods. Eastman brings Tabitha, the goat, inside the house for the night and asks Morgan to not hurt her.

As days cross, Morgan stays in his cell, ranting and mumbling to himself. He watches Eastman follow martial arts along with his staff exterior. Eastman finally speaks to Morgan and explains that he used to be a forensic psychiatrist. review

He then tells Morgan that the cell door has been open all alongside and invitations Morgan to leave whenever he needs. «Crash on the couch. And we’ll attempt to discover you another means.» Morgan opens the door and charges at Eastman. As they struggle, they knock into a piece of drywall with a baby’s paintings that is hanging from the wall, breaking it in two. Furious, Eastman picks up the damaged artwork and leaves. That night, Eastman explains that he used Aikido to defeat Morgan. He shows Morgan a rabbit’s foot and says he obtained a flyer for the martial art the day after his daughter gave him the rabbit’s foot. The man introduces himself as Eastman and arms Morgan a book, The Art of Peace.

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He arrives just in time to disarm the Wolf and knock him out along with his staff, saving Gabriel. Rick releases Morgan and debriefs him on the Alexandria group. They find Gabriel andTobindigging graves for Reg and Pete.

The Wolf then wakes up and tells Morgan and Gabriel that they’re releasing them, but before he can proceed, Carol seems and shoots him within the head. She arms Morgan and Gabriel weapons before running off. Gabriel comments that he’s not superb with guns, and Morgan agrees earlier than handing his to Gabriel. Carol walks by way of the streets with Morgan chained up, pretending she has taken him hostage. He spots Father Gabriel being attacked by a Wolf and releases himself regardless of Carol’s protests.


Rick refuses to let Pete be buried inside the neighborhood. Deanna appears and tells Rick to «let the timber» have Pete, Morgan accompanies him to the spot where she needs him buried. While digging a grave for Pete, Rick tells him to cease as he hears the sounds of walkers, then a gust of wind. They later explore the nearby space to find out the place the sound is coming from, and find a quarry crammed with walkers, the entrances blocked by a number of vans. Morgan grabs some binoculars he needed to check what number of walkers there are inside.

He asks what Morgan did before the fall, and what he does now. «Walkers, individuals, anything that will get wherever near me, I kill them.» «That’s the biggest load of horseshit I ever heard,» Eastman deadpans. As Morgan is walking by way of the streets, he finds one of the Wolves he previously encountered in the woods.

As he digs a grave for the walkers, Eastman joins him. Eastman retrieves the lifeless walkers’ driver’s licenses and etches their former names onto new grave markers. Back at the house, Eastman provides Morgan his own employees and, over time, teaches Morgan Aikido. «It’s about redirecting, evading, and truly caring concerning the welfare of your opponent,» Eastman says. Morgan also continues his research of «The Art of Peace.» He explains his philosophy that people aren’t constructed to kill, saying he only met one evil person among the many many criminals he interviewed for his job.